Most cleaning chemical suppliers stock and sell chemicals that are both positively and negatively charged. We make a different sort of chemical cleaner. CMI products are positively charged, which makes then better able to attract, hold and take away negatively charged soil. Order yours today and let us know how well it works for you.

Why make your employees work with noxious cleaning chemicals when water based chemical blends are available? Water is an amazingly effective natural cleaner. Over time, water carved the Grand Canyon, so you must surely realize its efficacy and power. Chemical Manufacturers Incorporated makes several proprietary blends of water based, positively charged cleansing products that are more effective than plain water yet less toxic than most products offered by other cleaning chemical suppliers. Exercise caution when choosing cleaning chemical suppliers to do business with. Not every chemical supplier is as dedicated to environmental safety and employee health as Chemical Manufacturers Incorporated. Our ultra modern manufacturing facility is located at 2936 East 11th Street in Los Angeles, California, but we pack and ship nationwide. If you are a bulk buyer tasked with procuring cleaning products for a big business, be sure to ask us about significant discounts when CMI cleaners are purchase in quantity.

Speak with a cleaning expert here at Chemical Manufacturers Incorporated and tell us about your facility. Tell us about the equipment and surfaces you intend to clean. We will advise you as to which of our ready made products or custom chemical blends is right for your particular circumstance. CMI is an LA based cleaning chemical supplier with the ingredients and expertise to custom blend any sort of cleaning compound you require. We specialize in non toxic blends and chemical blends that are very low toxicity when compared to other cleaning products supplied to the commercial clients.

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