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Choosing a long-distance mover is stressful, even with the best circumstances. The right one should assist in transporting to relieve the pressure and worry that comes with a unique situation. It would help if you were acutely keen on their qualifications because they are handling a more fragile case.

What makes us the best full-service long distance moving company?


residential moving company cannot guarantee quality service without proper insurance and licensing. The appropriate federal rights protect the clients because the firm is less likely to violate federal regulations. You can check our license by contacting us for further guidance. Alternatively, you can check the Federal Motor Carrier’s Administration for details of our insurance licensing.


The long-distance moving service in Jacksonville FL cannot escape a history of complaints or compliments. You can compare all the different comments of our long distance movers on public commentary portals or check our official site for the review comments. The overall rating is enough to convince you of your dedication to quality over hastiness.


Is your prospective moving company dedicated experienced to move different sizes and types of property? We have enough experience making interstate moves and handling different state and federal laws. The risky long-distance move is only easy for us because we prioritize your trust and satisfaction for the moving process.


What is our value of the full-service long-distance move? The local mover will typically charge by the hour while the long-distance one will charge per the load. This case means that you will pay more every additional pound. Another way of charging is to calculate the linear cost of the service. Our long-distance moving in Jacksonville FL pricing system depends on the following metrics:

Amount of staff

The approximate national cost of moving a one-bedroom house across the state is not more than $3000. The price rises with more number of rooms because of added furniture and other items.

Number of movers

The company will assign the number of staff according to the amount of work involved. People with plenty of items need more movers to complete the task in the stipulated time. The cost rises accordingly with every additional moving staff.

Cost of gas

Long-distance moving companies have automatic adherence to gas prices. Moving trucks have different sizes, and larger ones will use more gas. Consult our staff to ensure we know the shortest route and have the right proportions of vehicles that will accommodate the move without stressing the gas mileage.  

Special items

Individual items like the piano or pool table are likely to incur additional fees. They may need complicated moving resources because they cannot move up and down the stairs with integrity.

Additional fees

A full-service moving company charges more because we handle everything from the packing to the unpacking. We are flexible in making last-minute adjustments to your inventory at no extra cost. You can ask for special arrangements such as in-transit storage or moving office inventory.

Many factors define the conducive Interstate moving company in Jacksonville. You can save hundreds of dollars working with B & B Movers because we have a simple and straightforward moving system. Contact us on (904) 997-1844 today for a quote of your long-distance move and other details that influence your moving project.


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