A mover in Mountain View that keeps everything honest, secure, and affordable.

Keeping You Informed

We need to let you precisely what you’ll pay for, so there’s no confusion at the end of your contract. Although we need integrity and honesty, if you don’t agree that our service has provided you the feeling, we encourage you to get our attention immediately.

What You Get

With Movers Mountain View, you will get a professional door-to-door transportation of your belongings. We’re not pressing for any extra gas fees, traveling on the weekend, and even using stairs and elevators. We offer free clothing bags, security cover, and Basic Cargo Insurance. Fair price guaranteed during your move for our tools and other equipment required. Our highly trained staff will also help you unlock your valuables, unload them, mount them, and disassemble them.

Moving Disclaimers

  • We require at least 3 hours for all the moving jobs.
  • “Double Drive Time” fees apply to all local transfers in line with the CA statute PUC Regulations.
  • Our highest priority is to protect the belongings and personal items so we can provide safe packing materials or containers.
  • The hourly rates do not include the cost of packaging materials.
  • We strictly prohibit carrying any flammable materials such as Propane Tanks.
  • Payment is due once the transfer is complete. You can pay by cash or through check.
  • Do not wait to seal the cover and label all your boxes. If appropriate, put things in classes and weight.
  • We offer individual insurance certifications provided FREE of charge.